About Us

Locally owned and operated

About Us

Diamondback Materials was the vision of Travis Williams. He has put a quality team together that has well over 100 years of combined experience.  Travis knew the ready mix industry was missing something. He wanted to build a company that gets back to the basics of customer service, quality products, honesty, and building friendships like “the good ol days.” This was when Diamondback Materials was born. They have worked very hard to keep this vision and will do so as they grow the company for their clients needs throughout the valley of the sun.

We are proud supporters of the West Valley Mavericks Foundation!

What Separates Diamondback Materials

What separates us from the “corporate giants” is that we are hands on, available on a daily basis to manage our operation. The ready mix business is a combination of a perishable, time sensitive product that has a limited time allowance once the load is batched. Our ability to deliver this requested product on a daily basis relies on our knowledge of the market conditions, transportation routes and reliance on our staff of highly trained and dedicated employees. We have the ability to make time sensitive decisions that the larger, more cumbersome companies might not be able to make. We provide a service, along with a product and the service is what separates us from the competition.

When clients buy our concrete products and realize the benefit of having a question answered immediately and not have to wait for some middle or upper manager sitting on the issue for a lengthy period of time, that’s when they realize the benefit of calling our nimble, quickly responsive operation has hidden benefits that save time and money.

Jim Latto

Jim is a seasoned veteran in the concrete community with relationships approaching 40 years. He has provided market knowledge and general industry advice to every management team he has worked with. Being able to witness the growth of the Phoenix market for this amount time has instilled in him some key indicators to keep an eye on to help steer the Diamondback Team into the future. Jim is a dedicated strategist, mentoring employees thereby creating an environment where all involved can contribute to the goals set before them. Jim served on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Concrete Contractors Association, is active with the Arizona Rock Products Association and volunteers for the West Valley Mavericks. Jim is a husband, father to 4 daughters, 5 grandchildren and several dogs. He enjoys spending time with his family, music, plays racquetball, golf and yes still plays the drums. 

Donavon Stewart

Donavon brings a diverse background to the Diamondback team of over 20 years’ experience in the concrete industry. After serving in the U.S. Army as a Chemical Operations Specialist he came back to what was in his blood …Concrete.  This love stems from multiple generations in the Arizona concrete market. He was first brought on by a local ready mix producer and worked through the ranks to Plant Manager. This drive and thirst for knowledge of the concrete industry lead him to multiple stops gaining knowledge in the following areas: Batch plants, heavy equipment, sand and rock operations, concrete mixers, concrete pumps and purchasing. Along with the skills he learned while serving his country, he has become a vital role of Leading, mentoring, teaching and being mission driven to reach all of Diamondback Materials goals. Donavon enjoys spending time with friends &family, live music and travel.

Travis Williams

Travis began his 25 year career like most, at the bottom. He was hired as a laborer for a local concrete plant, he quickly realized he wanted to be more than a laborer and found his chance to jump into a concrete mixer through an apprenticeship program which led to sales and service. Prior to Diamondback Materials he helped build a local Arizona concrete and aggregate producer from zero trucks to over 250 and 11 locations. Travis has always had an entrepreneurial spirit dappling in several arenas before ultimately landing on what would become his baby, Diamondback Materials and Diamondback Sand & Rock. He started Diamondback Materials in early 2013 with several partners. Then over the next couple of years he bought them out to become the 100% sole owner of Diamondback Materials. Through his experience and leadership he assembled a team to help bring his vision of what Diamondback Materials would become – a locally owned company focused on service and quality. When Travis finds time  away he enjoys escaping to northern Arizona with friends and family, off road racing and traveling.