Contractors have many options when choosing a ready mix supplier. Diamondback Materials will go to great lengths to be the preferred supplier for your company. LEARN MORE Materials Diamondback

Locally Owned & Operated

We buy local, hire locally, and support small businesses

Full-Flex Ready Mix Provider

We provide a service, along with a product and the service is what separates us from the competition

Sand & Rock

We are currently investing in new crushing and screening equipment for the sand and rock operation

What Separates Diamondback Materials

What separates us from the “corporate giants” is that we are hands on, available on a daily basis to manage our operation. The ready mix business is a combination of a perishable, time sensitive product that has a limited time allowance once the load is batched. Our ability to deliver this requested product on a daily basis relies on our knowledge of the market conditions, transportation routes and reliance on our staff of highly trained and dedicated employees.

We are currently investing in new crushing and screening equipment for the sand and rock operation to increase our capacity and maintain quality materials for the future.

Diamondback Sand and Rock mines the raw materials necessary for Diamondback Materials to produce Ready Mix products for sale to all scopes of work like housing, utilities, all governing entities and private home owners.


If any special mixes are needed for a project we can adhere to most any job specifications. All of the mixes can be ordered with 1″ rock or 3/8″ rock. We are here for you so please ask any questions you may have.

  • Slurry Mixes
  • Concrete Mixes
  • Shotcrete Mixes
  • Ditch Mixes
  • Curb Mixes
  • ADOT Mixes
  • MAG Mixes
  • APS Mixes
  • SRP Mixes

Featured Projects

Diamondback Materials offers many different services to clients from aggregates to ABC, slurry, concrete, shotcrete, grout, or any special products needed for your job.

What Clients Say About Us

  • Diamondback Materials is bringing back the personal touch and friendship ready mix has been missing for years. You are not just a number to them like the big corporate guys in town.

    Jim Streety
    Streety Concrete
  • These guys have given us a quality product on time and we look forward to growing with them.

    Chad Cole
    Allied Masonry